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A lot of companies think that licensing a marketing automation tool will solve all of their marketing issues instantly, but nothing is further from the truth. The hard work only begins when you have chosen the right tool. In order to make the best choice possible, it is really important to assess your own internal company structure. Choosing the ‘wrong’ tool, for instance a tool that requires a lot of internal change or a tool that takes months to get integrated to your in house systems like your CRM system, your data server or your e commerce systems, can do more damage then you would think. We’ve seen a multiple companies lose months and a lot of budget because they made the wrong choice. Therefor, it’s important to look at your own marketing team, your own structures and your budget and timeline in an objective way.

Which criteria to consider when opting for a marketing automation tool?

  • CHANGE: To which extent can we change the current way of working? Can we change the way we build landing pages and set up email flows?
  • TIME: How much time is planned to get the teams inside your organisation up and running with the new tool? The more complex the tool of your choice is, the more time you need for internal trainings. When does the tool needs to be up and running?
  • INTEGRATE: Are there a lot of other tools that need to be integrated with your marketing automation tool? Do you need integrations with your website or e commerce shop, your accounting software, a data lake, your CRM system or other tools?
  • BUDGET: Keep in mind that most of the time there’s 10% of the total marketing automation cost that goes into annual license fees and 90% of budget that needs to be left for the implementation: setting up automated flows, setting up marketing campaigns, writing content, training the team, creating dashboards, measuring results etc.

Download the marketing automation goals & criteria checklist and fill it in with your team >>

Looking for a marketing automation partner to guide you? We can help you with:

  • Choosing the right marketing automation & CRM tool for your business. We’re tool independent and our recommendations are always based on your best interest, not ours.
  • Technical implementation of the tool. We have in-house experts and connections with software vendors who take care of the implementation. We’ll make sure you get the right price.
  • Marketing automation strategy: we define your customer journey based on customer interviews, we then create buyer persona and map your channel strategy. We also work on a content strategy you need to build in your marketing automation tool.
  • The creation of campaigns, automations and dashboarding. In short: digitising and structuring your whole marketing processes and setting them up in your new tool so that the marketing & sales department can start working in this new environment.
  • Training: we create training videos based specifically on your marketing automation environment, so that every new employee in the company can get an extensive training of the marketing automation tool & your custom setup. We also provide in-house training.


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