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Comparison of tools we’ve implemented and used for our clients

As a tool independent growth partner, we can work with or implement any tool on the market. But for this comparison, we’ve only selected the tools we have a thorough knowledge of. Meaning, we’ve implemented them and / or used them for setting up campaigns and automations for our clients. Here’s our honest feedback!

Comparison of Hubspot & Sharpspring

Sharpspring en Hubspot are full blown marketing automation tools. They are the right fit for companies that want to generate, nurture and close leads. Hubspot is the most complete tool in its segment, with social publishing capabilities, its own content management system with personalised content, A/B testing, event management etc.

Hubspot is known for its inbound marketing capabilities: if you have a content team that creates content every week or if you have different buyer persona that you are all addressing with different types of content, Hubspot is an ideal tool.

Here are Hubspot’s top functionalities:

Sharpspring is a bit more basic, but that resonates in its pricing. The functionalities in Sharpspring are more limited than Hubspot’s, but you will find the most common functionalities are represented in the tool. You can build landing pages, setup automated flows, build custom reports, set up a CRM flow, send automated mails, set up lead scoring and track ROI.

These are Sharpspring’s most important marketing automation functionalities:

sharpspring functionalities


Our feedback based on working with both tools:

Hubspot is the more integrated marketing automation tool that can support the whole marketing and sales department in all marketing tasks. Sharpspring is ideal for B2B lead nurturing. Hubspot is the more intuïtive tool of the two. Both tools can be integrated quite fast. Hubspot is focused more on content, while Sharpspring focuses more on automation flows.

They both have a CRM module and while Sharpspring’s module is enough to support smaller sales teams (up to 10 people), Hubspot’s CRM module is much more basic. When choosing for Hubspot, we advise to also connect a dedicated CRM tool. We do noticed that Sharpspring’s platform still has some bugs, and when you have a lot of integrations on the platform, this can be an issue.

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